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We are a family owned home buying company In Florida, known for our fair offers.

Little About Us

We Are Cash Home Buyers, House Flippers, & Real Estate Junkies

Brandyn always loved real estate & started working full time for a real estate investment company right after college. Then in 2015 he decided to start flipping houses on his own. Since then he has over 7 years of experience in the house buying business and has flipped over 100 houses adding to his experience in the business.

Kim started off in the wellness industry and worked in it for over 10 years. When Brandyn started his home buying business Kim decided to get involved by using her interior designing expertise. She now leads the design team for all of our projects, making our houses look as great as they do.

Google's number 1 home buyer

We above all else understand that no one wants a low offer for their home. This is why we do we our best to present to you, the homeowner with the highest possible offer we can do. We make this possible by doing our due diligence and extensive research, as well as by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible so we can make sure the offer we present to you is the best that fits your current situation.

– Brandyn

Our Rehabs Are Kept Simple 

And are strategically designed to minimize the costs of repairs while also maximizing our profit return. You do know what this means, don’t you?

Well, If we can keep our costs down and the profits up, then that allows us to offer you a lot more for your house and this my friends is our little secret on our higher offers!  

If you would like to know how much in cash we would offer for your house, just click the button below:

The Most Reputable Home Buying Company In Florida

We are the Best Home Buying Company In Florida that can offer you the highest cash value for your home no where in Florida and no matter the condition of your house. We live up to our promise. We do what we say we are going to do. Our team is honest and straightforward. We’re committed to helping you make the best decision in regards to how you want to sell your home. Our reputation is based on character. We live locally and we’re invested in our communities and neighborhoods. Our team is reliable, trustworthy, committed and accountable on everything we do. We’re dedicated to something greater than ourselves and we keep in mind to treat our customers fairly and strive to do the right thing by them – and for them.  

If you have a house for sale and are in need of a serious team that will do their best to give you the maximum possible offer, it cost you literally nothing to have us give you a no obligation to accept, all-cash offer for your house. Remember our services are 100% FREE!

We are a fully registered and compliant company in accordance to all the statues and limitations in the State of Florida. If you feel like we are the team you want to work with we promise not to let you down nor waste your time.


Do the right thing.

Help people first

Leave people and situations better than when you found them.

Have Respect, patience and compassion for people.

Extreme Ownership.


Never blame, complain or make excuses.

Don’t focus on problems, focus on solutions

Positive Attitude.

We love teamwork

Never “not my job”

We lift each other up (not tear each other down)

We Buy Houses For Cash Near You

Who Knows Maybe One Of Our Projects Are Right In Your Neighborhood. In fact here is some of our work…

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Florida’s Leading Cash Home Buyers That Will Purchase Your FL House For Sale

We offer cash for properties in the real estate industry. We require no loans or approval from financial institutions which enables us to buy your house fast. This is ideal if you have a house you need to sell that needs major repairs, or is in such bad shape the conventional buyer is not interested or can’t get bank approval to finance the purchase. Us having access to cash allows us to eliminate the long periods of time it takes to close a property in Florida, giving us the advantage of being able to get you your money FAST even before we close on your property.