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Are you looking for options to sell your property due to expected mortgage defaults? Are you looking to sell your Orlando home quickly to find a smaller-sized property? Having complications with the structure of your home and need to be rid of it? Selling your home effortlessly is possible. You can achieve it with a little help from us – The Local House Buyer team.

Our Home Buying Process Is Simple – Find Out More!

We are your dependable local Orlando home buyers! Our team at The Local House Buyers recognizes that selling your home the traditional way can involve fees, commissions, unexpected surprises, and obligatory repairs… At Local House Buyers, We Buy Houses Orlando in a fast and easy way, therefore choosing us instantly takes the hassle and stress out of selling your Orlando home. Receive all-cash offers without any obligations, and sell your home, fast! Avoid any realtor fees and commissions, skip the closing costs and the frustrating, obligatory cleaning. The process requires no effort on your part, no stress, and no complications.

How do The Local House Buyers gauge property estimates?

Our home buyer team gauges our offers in a couple of simple steps.

Step One: Researching the Value of Properties in The Area

The Local House Buyers team will carry out comprehensive research into properties within your area. We gauge our offers by making comparisons between the size of your home, the quality of the materials used to construct your home, and when the property was constructed, among many other factors.

Step Two: Calculating the Costs of Renovation

Our Orlando home buyers team will assess the costs required to renovate and repair your home once sold. As well as the structural foundation, we also look at the roofing renovation required and several other renovation costs such as the states of the electricals, which we factor in when gauging the value of your home.

How Can I Sell My Orlando Property For Cash?

Searching for ways to release cash funds from your Orlando property, fast? Whereas selling your home the traditional way requires home repairs and added expenses, we buy houses Orlando without asking for additional realtor commissions. Our dependable Orlando home buyer team typically closes the sale – fast – within 30 days. All you need to do is submit your property address, your phone, and email contact details via the short form above. The Local House Buyer team will reach out to you to discuss the current condition of your home for free. We accept any home, in any condition, and guarantee that you will not be waiting around for months on end with a lack of communication for a buyer’s offer.

Sell your home quickly, with The Local House Buyer to address the following situations:

CT Home Buyers To deal with late property tax payments

CT Home Buyers To sell an inherited property

CT Home Buyers To sell a home that requires extensive repairs

CT Home Buyers Sales to cover defaults on mortgages and foreclosure

CT Home Buyers To sell properties that are vacant

CT Home Buyers To sell a home after divorce or job loss

CT Home BuyersSell with us to avoid listing your property the traditional way

CT Home Buyers Sell your house without unreliable realtors

Looking to sell your home, instantly?

“Brandyn was absolutely great, he kept in constant contact with me to help me though my house sale, especially when I live 1500 miles away!! He was a man of his word throughout the process, and I’m not an easy person to deal with….”

-John Nelson

We are Kim & Brandyn, reputable local house buyers that fix up and flip properties. We buy houses Orlando from all types of people in a range of different situations. Our company offers solutions with an easy and stress-free process. We specialize in working closely with homeowners to provide exceptional customer service! Our priority is getting you the best value for your property, efficiently, without complications, and fast.

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“Great Job!! The Local House Buyer team was always available when I had property-related questions or queries about the selling process. They were always professional and above all they got the job done quickly and efficiently. Originally, I started with a different company that never had the time for me. The Local House Buyer team made all the difference. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I just want to send out a big thank you to all the employees for all their hard work. I highly recommend their services!!

10/10 service

10/10 communication” – Theresa Ehring

How To Sell Your House In Orlando, Fast

We buy houses Orlando in three simple steps/ We take three simple steps to buy Orlando homes/ Sell your Orlando home in three simple steps

Reach out for a cash offer

Our property buyer team will receive your details and contact you to chat about your home’s condition.

Cash offer review

Our Orlando home buyer team will review the discussed condition of your property and extend a sight-unseen offer.

  Choose and set a close date

Select a closing date, and sign. Then, leave everything to us. We will handle the rest.

Explore your options with The Local House Buyers before agreeing to a 6-month waiting period with agents. We buy houses Orlando, fast, and with no obligations.

Our expert, local, and dependable Orlando home buyer team is dedicated to extending the fairest and market-best all-cash value, in just 24 hours. With our team, there are no obligations and minimal stress.

We Make Selling Your Orlando Home Stress-Free

Our team does the difficult work so the selling process is instant, hassle-free, and straightforward.

  • We Accept Properties Of Any Condition
  • We Buy Homes Irrespective Of Your Situation
  • You Can Sell Your Home On Your Chosen Closing Date

Put the stress of selling your home behind you. Sell instantly and pocket your cash without delays.

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At The Local House Buyers, our professionals understand that selling your home, quickly, easily, and for the best value are your main concerns. Though selling your Orlando home can be stressful if you chose the traditional route of listing your property, you can avoid the headaches. You can skip the unnecessary research. You can sell your home in under 30 days without the extra hard work. Achieve all this with The Local House Buyers – our expert Orlando home buyers will handle all the stress and get you the best value.

Get Your Home Sold, Without Delays

We buy houses Orlando, fast. We work independently of agents, banks, and third-party inspections which can delay the selling process significantly leave you out of pocket. We guarantee you get your home sold without added costs, delays, and within 30 days specifically because we wait for nothing, except the completion of the title search. Our process is fast and always efficient. Our offers are always first-rate market prices. And our services are convenient.

Skip The Cleaning Process, Sell “As Is”

We buy houses Orlando that are in any condition. This means no obligatory repairs. We say “no” to mandatory cleaning. We accept your property “as is”. For this reason, we are the preferred choice for selling properties Orlando in a hassle-free way, as we will purchase your home irrespective of the furniture, clothes, appliances, and appliances you might choose to leave behind. Whether you have left trash or items that you no longer require in the property, we will dispose of this for you. Avoid stress. Get your property sold with little effort!

Sell Any Orlando Home, Stress-Free

Selling your home needn’t be stressful. From condos to Orlando homes, manufactured to multi family homes, apartments to inherited homes, homes with Victorian architecture or ranch architecture, our team at The Local House Buyers makes the process run smoothly. Our Orlando home buyer professionals ensure you receive your cash instantly.

We are the preferred choice when it comes to selling Orlando homes for various reasons. Convenience is one of our strong points, as is the speed at which you can complete your sale, but there are various other advantages of selling your home in Orlando with the help of The Local House Buyers. Here are some of the benefits you will receive when you choose us:

No repairs necessary – we accept any home

For our home buyer team, the home’s potential is what matters – not the condition. We buy houses Orlando regardless of your home’s condition, so no repairs are necessary on your part.

Receive an all-cash offer with no delays

There is no need to wait months on end to receive your best offer. Our Orlando home buyers will contact you for the required details and extend an offer. You will receive an all-cash offer instantly, with no delays.

No cleaning required beforehand

Sell your home and wash your hands of the items you want to leave behind. We will dispose of these objects and handle any cleaning. Moving home is stress, effortless, and hassle-free with The Local House Buyers.

Select your preferred closing date

Whether you need to sell and close as soon as possible or tie up some loose ends before you close the sale, you choose your preferred closing date.

FREE services and no closing costs

When we buy houses Orlando, there are no extra closing costs required from you. Gain the advantage of our FREE services and save 3% on the closing costs you would receive when selling with agents.

Never pay any commissions

Receive our professional services and never pay the obligatory commissions as you would with realtors when you sell your property to us. Save 6% in terms of fees when you choose us.

Gain a cash advance

Looking for additional funds to make the moving process simpler? The Local House Buyers can even offer you a cash advance for this purpose before closing the sale.

Be rid of a structurally unsound home

Does your Orlando home have structural issues? Our home buyer team at The Local House Buyer will gladly take it off your hands and provide you with an offer faster than if you chose a traditional listing route.

Receive exceptional customer service

Throughout the process of selling your Orlando home, The Local House Buyer will keep you informed every step of the way. We will communicate with you and offer our best advice and top customer service.

Our Clients Love Our Services

The Local House Buyer team is backed by a huge number of 5-star Google reviews and client testimonials for exceptional customer services, convenience, and dependability. Our services are making significant changes to the lives of Orlando property sellers.

Expedite The Home Selling Process in Orlando

The Local House Buyers can streamline the selling process and make it simpler. All that’s required from you are a few small details. Once you have provided this, we will reach out to you and initiate the process of unlocking cash from your Orlando home. We buy houses Orlando, instantly, and serve the Orlando area, making the property selling process a breeze.

We’re the best home buyer solution for expediting the process of selling your Orlando home for various reasons. Sell your home at your own pace – whether you need to sell instantly or within a matter of weeks. Avoid the complicated process of dealing with third-party individuals who can slow the process of selling your Orlando home down.

With The Local House Buyers, you can skip all the nightmarish paperwork involved with traditional property listing when you choose a realtor or agent. Selling houses the traditional way can often feel like jumping through hoops to reach the end goal of receiving your funds, but we simplify this process and fast-track the sale of your home should you need to sell instantly.

So, if you intend to sell an inherited property that doesn’t suit your requirements, want to avoid listing your property with agents, and are looking to save time during the sale, The Local House Buyers is on your side to speed up the process.


We are located in the picturesque Orlando location – an urban, busy, metropolitan, and breath-taking town that is full of entertaining and exhilarating things to do. It is a hive of activity, with a rich and complex history. Some of the town’s forts such as Fort Christmas, for instance, were constructed during the Second Seminole War – also referred to as the Florida War – which took place between 1835 and 1842.

Since then, the town has significantly developed over time and expanded into the thriving town it is today. Boasting an array of exciting attractions, such as the Walt Disney World complex, in addition to some stunning, natural, green open spaces such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot parks, the Orlando town has grown in population in terms of its economy, and in terms its popularity worldwide.

Orlando is also home to the Universal Studios. You will find that the ‘magic’ of the town can be found not only in the beauty of the lakes, and the Bok Tower Gardens found in Lake Wales, but in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the Universal Orlando Resort.

As well as the University of Central Florida, the area features educational institutions such as Keiser University, as well as a comprehensive selection of cultural attractions. Some of the cultural attractions you will find include history museums such as the Orange County Regional History Center, art museums, such as the Orlando Museum of Art, and the Orlando Science Centre. But, with its amusement parks that feature roller coasters and go-karting facilities, (such as Fun Spot America Theme Parks), Orlando truly does offer you tranquillity and excitement – it offers the best of both worlds.

Our home buying services span this gem of an area, extending to all of the metro zones of Orlando. We are Orlando’s leading home buying company. Contact us to receive an estimation offer for your property and open the doors to opportunity.

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