Am I Turning My Florida Home into a White Elephant? Mistakes to Avoid

White elephant properties are those properties that are of little use to the owner. They are expensive to maintain, unprofitable, and difficult to sell. So, how do you know whether you are turning your Florida home into a white elephant? How do you avoid making this mistake? We have the answers!

What Is a White Elephant Property?

A white elephant property is a costly, poor investment. Investing your money into one of these properties is the biggest mistake you will ever make. To avoid this mistake, and to determine whether you are turning your property into a white elephant, let us look at some of the factors that can make your home a financial burden:

The Location Is Undesirable

If the property is close to an airport or next to the highway, it is safe to say that you shouldn’t invest in buying or improving this property. No matter how attractive you make this property to buyers, you cannot change the location. The location of a house will inevitably determine its value. So, if you do not wish to have a white elephant property on your hands, do not spend money on a house that is located near an airport, highway, or odor-producing farm.

It is essential to look at building permits and highway planning in the area before buying or investing in a property, as construction sites and new developments can affect the value of your house.

The House Has Incurable Defects

If your house has incurable defects, it could become a white elephant property. Some examples of incurable defects include:

  • A steep driveway will make it extremely difficult to park near the home or get access. 
  • If the property has been or could be exposed to floods.
  • Structural damage, such as cracks in the foundation or damage to load-bearing walls.

Do not invest money into any property with any of these defects. You may be stuck with your property for a long time.

The House Has An Unpleasant History

If there has been a death in your property, or if the property has been the site of a crime, this will make it more likely to become a white elephant property. You should look into the previous history of the house before making an investment. No matter how much money you pour into making the property attractive and desirable, the house’s history will still affect the value.

The Property Has No Potential For Cash Flow

It is expensive to maintain a property, pay property tax, and keep it in good working order. If there is no possibility of the property being useful (as a place of residence for the owner or to rent out), then it is simply going to burn a hole in your pocket. You should only invest in a property that you can easily rent, live in, or sell for profit. If none of these are viable options, it would seem you have a white elephant property on your hands.

So, Are You Turning Your Florida Home Into a White Elephant?

If you have a property with an unpleasant history, incurable defects, or an undesirable location, these things will make it harder to sell the property. If you are planning on investing in this property, you could be turning it into a white elephant property. If you are steering clear of houses with these qualities, your home will likely not become a white elephant.


White elephant properties are effectively useless. They can appear attractive, but in reality, they will only serve as a burden you can’t seem to get rid of. So, pay attention and ensure that the property you are putting money into will either generate returns or sell quickly. If you find yourself with a white elephant property, there are always options for selling your home instantly.

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