Did You Know Your Orlando House’s Value Does Not Depend On The House Itself?

When selling your home, you need to consider the value of the house. When considering our house’s worth, we often analyze just the features and size of the house.  However, your home’s value is made up of much more than just the house itself. So what are the questions you should be asking to determine your home’s value?

What Are The Schools In The Area Like?

Once Florida’s public school grading system was set up, it immediately started to impact house prices in the area. Houses situated in regions with A-rated schools can increase in value by more than $10,000 compared to houses located near B-rated schools. Places in Florida with the highest rated schools will be highly sought-after, meaning houses in the area will be in high demand, and their value will rise.

What Is The Landscape Like?

The landscape around your house is linked to its value. Looking out of your window to see a nice green neighborhood is a priceless perk. Having mature, full-grown trees on your street has been known to increase your home’s value.

If your street is full of eyesores, this can have a negative impact. If there is a telephone link or electrical power line with multiple exposed wires right in front of your house, this can be considered an eyesore and drop the value of your home. Wind farms have been known to lower the value of a house by more than 10%. If your street is full of unkempt or abandoned houses, this can have a similar effect. Take a look at the area around your house and take stock of any blemishes that could harm the value of your home.

Is There a Starbucks Nearby?

If your home is in close proximity to a Starbucks, this could allow the value to increase at up to double the standard rate. People want easy access to their morning cup of coffee, and so a house near a Starbucks will naturally be worth more. The same can be said for Dunkin Donuts,

The opening of a Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods can also positively impact the value of homes in the area. Access to organic, non-GMO foods makes these supermarkets extremely popular, and people will be drawn to neighborhoods that have a local Wholefoods or Trader Joe’s.

What Is The History of The House?

A house’s history can affect its value. If your house has been the site of a crime, this will cause a drop in its worth. If your house is famous or has historical significance, however, this will cause an increase. There can be complications if your house has been registered as a historical landmark, as this will make it harder to sell.

Do The Names and Numbers Matter?

When it comes to your Orlando home’s value, street name, house number, and house name can all have an effect. For example, if your house is number 13, you can expect this to alter the value of your house. Yes, people can really be that superstitious! The suffixes of street names have also been known to affect price too. For instance, street names that end in ‘boulevard’ tend to be home to more expensive houses, whereas street names that end in ‘street’ are mainly home to less expensive houses.

Giving your house a name can increase its value. If your home has a name, this can give it a sense of individuality and make it more appealing. Number 64, or Palm House? The named house will always appear unique.

Is There Air or Noise Pollution in Your Neighborhood?

Many factors can increase the amount of air and noise pollution in a neighborhood:

  • Traffic – this causes both noise and air pollution.
  • Construction – loud machinery causes noise pollution.
  • Farms and factories – both can affect air quality.

Due to the health risks caused by noise and air pollution, houses exposed to these pollutants can be reduced in value.


When it comes to evaluating the worth to sell your Orlando home, do not simply look at the factors of the house itself. If you have great schools in your neighborhood, an attractive street or landscape, or popular amenities nearby, make sure to highlight this when putting your home up for sale.

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