Homebuyer’s Priorities Are Changing Post-COVID Due to Remote Work

Houses’ prices have gotten more attractive during the pandemic

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been forever since COVID-19 shook the nation? The virus is still a huge public concern, but as more people receive the vaccine, we’re that much closer to normalcy. One part of that normalcy is buying a house. Yes, in today’s economy, people are taking advantage of the low interest rates for mortgages and are purchasing property!

So, what are buyers looking for when they’re shopping for a new home? Real estate agents have some insight regarding what buyers are looking for. Interestingly enough, the pandemic and the possibility of remote work becoming a permanent policy play a big role in their wishlist.

1. Home office for remote work

COVID has thrown a bunch of hurdles our way, but one of the unexpected perks (can we call it that?) is being able to work from home. Some employees whose company closed its office due to social distancing restrictions have been working from home for the better part of a year and of those employees, 50% of employees say they don’t want to go back to the office. 

Homebuyers whose jobs are adopting some form of work-from-home policy are taking this opportunity to look for properties with a dedicated home office. The home office is in such high demand, 59.6% of real estate agents say their clients have this at the very top of their “wants” list. 

2. Great school districts

Homebuyers with kids pay close attention to the school district in the area where they’re moving to. They want to be sure that their children have all of the tools and resources necessary so they can make wise choices and get far in life. Education is the key to success, right? 

Around 54% (53.7% to be exact) of real estate agents say their clients want to be in an area with a top-notch school system and they aren’t willing to compromise on that. 

3. Backyard worthy of envy

The COVID vaccine is making its rounds and communities around the nation are lifting social distancing policies. In doing so, folks are gearing up for backyard barbecues, late nights entertaining guests and just making the most of their outdoor space. It should be no surprise that 49.9% of realtors say their clients want a backyard that everyone will want to spend time in. 

Features that make the perfect backyard for entertaining include an in-ground pool with a nearby hot tub, a built-in grilling area (or a full outdoor kitchen), privacy fencing, and professional landscaping. 

4. Staying in shape with a home gym

Staying in shape was a little more challenging this past year and a half, what with gyms and fitness centers being closed because of the coronavirus. And, despite the social distancing restrictions being lifted, buyers still prefer to have a home with space for a home gym. The space could be in the basement, a garage, a spare room, or even a covered outdoor area.

5. Turn key properties

It’s not uncommon for buyers to take on a few renovation tasks prior to moving into their new home, but 48.3% of real estate agents say turnkey properties are in high demand. Home prices have skyrocketed over the past few months and it’s understandable that if you’re going to spend that much money, the home should be move-in ready!

Homebuyer’s know what they want

At The Local House Buyers, we know that purchasing a home is a big step in anyone’s life and for buyers entering the market in a post-COVID world, their priorities reflect that. A home office is a key feature buyers are looking for if they’re working from home or if they choose to keep homeschooling their children. The fact of the matter is, even a pandemic has changed our lives and it’s had a big impact on what features buyers want in their new home. 

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