How to Decide How Much to Sell Your House for in The Current Orlando Market

Are you about to prepare for battle, and sell your home in Orlando? Are you unsure what it’s worth? Afraid you may sell it at the wrong price? Maybe you’re afraid that valuing it too high may slow down the sale. You can stop worrying! We have all the answers to ensure you know how to decide how much to sell your house for.

Check Out The Market Conditions

Before assessing the quality of your house, and it’s attractiveness to buyers, you must check out the market conditions. Is there a high demand for houses right now? What are the real estate trends and forecasts? Once you have determined whether the market is favorable for sellers or for buyers, you can discuss the best options with your real estate agent. 

There are many helpful websites where you can check out the current market conditions in Orlando, and this will assist you in determining what price to sell your house for.

Research The Value of Homes in Your Area

If in doubt, check out real estate websites selling homes in your area. By looking at the value homes have sold for in your area, particularly ones of a similar size to yours (the square footage should be listed) you will know roughly how much your house is worth.

It may also help to look at the houses that are currently on the market in your area. You should use this as a guide to help you not only determine the accurate price to sell your home for, but to determine how to value your house in competition with the properties in your area. Try websites like Zillow to see the properties listed and sold in your area.

Adjust The Price Based On The Condition of Your Home

Now that you have your basic value, it’s time to consider whether there is anything about your home that would attract or repel buyers. For example, do you have any of the following features that would make your property worth more in the viewer’s eyes?

  • Garages
  • Outbuildings
  • A pool
  • A large driveway
  • An attractive position on the street (e.g. one with added privacy)

Then consider if there are any unattractive features which would decrease the value of your home, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Roof damage
  • An undesirable location
  • No Parking

Once these qualities have been considered, you will know exactly how much your house is worth to prospective buyers.

Get Your House Valued

When it comes to getting your house professionally valued, there are several options. Firstly, you can get your house valued online, using one of the many free valuation tools that are available on most real estate websites. These use land records to give you an estimated price for your home, which is then passed on to real estate agents as a guide.

You can also go directly to a real estate agent for a house valuation. Although real estate agents are the most educated on determining the value of your home, they are also competing for your business. Therefore it is wise to get values from a few real estate agents of your choosing and use the average to get your result.

Lastly, if you would like an objective and unbiased valuation of your home, you may want to try an independent surveyor. An independent surveyor has the knowledge of a real estate agent, but no motive to boost or minimize the value of your home.

If you are interested in getting an upfront cash offer for the value of your home, without the hassle, put your address and email into our fair cash offer calculator to sell your home now.


Ultimately, the value of your home is up to you. If you have your realistic value, how much you sell your home for is your decision. Only you know if you would prefer a quick sale or a sale at the perfect price. Once you have taken our advice on how much to sell your house for in the current Orlando market, you will know how to work out the price that’s right for you.

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