Inherited a House In Orlando? Here are Your Options for What To Do With It

Have you just inherited a house in the Orlando area? Are you unsure what to do with it? Let us help you with our list of options that will help you make a decision. Keep reading to find out more.

So You’ve Inherited a House. What Should You Do With It?

If you find yourself the beneficiary of a house, you may be wondering what you should do with it. It can be pretty overwhelming, especially if the house has sentimental value, but you don’t want to move in. Luckily, there is no time limit to this decision. Take a look at the options we have laid out for you. This will be a helpful guide to assure you of all your choices.

The first step in inheriting a house is to take ownership of the estate. This will involve the executor of the will or an administrator with a grant of representation starting the probate process to allow you to own the property legally. This process can take between 6 months and a year.

You Can Sell Your Property

Selling the house is a great way to settle any debts within the inherited estate and make cash. If you would like to update or flip the property before sale to increase your profit, you will probably be in need of a house clearance service. These services get rid of unwanted furniture, clutter, and unwanted possessions from the house, leaving it completely empty without you having to lift a finger.

Once your inherited house is empty, you can start evaluating the changes you can make to help increase the home’s value before selling. You may wish to use this time to get the house valued by a real estate agent and ensure that there aren’t any external issues or irreparable damages affecting the value that will make renovations futile. 

This will spare you the risk of making your house a white elephant property. If your house’s value has potential, then you could stand to make a significant profit from updating and renovating the property prior to sale.

Or, Sell Your Inherited House Without The Work

If you would like to get this property off your hands as soon as possible, without the added stress that comes with getting the property ready for sale, you may want to check out some options for selling your house as-is quickly and easily.

You Can Keep The Property

If you like the property, you may decide to keep it and move into it yourself. This would involve you assuming the mortgage unless you own it outright, which means there are no payments left to be made. 

If you are planning to move in, you have the benefit of already having a place to live. Having another place to live means that if you wish to renovate or make significant improvements to the property, you can do so before moving with minimal disruption to your daily life.

You Can Rent Out The Property

You may not wish to live in the property but may not want to sell it due to its sentimental value. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s worth considering renting the property out. This way, you can make extra income and hold on to your treasured house.

If the prospect of being a landlord appeals to you, you may wish to rent out the property. You can even hire a lettings agent to do all of the heavy lifting for you and manage the property so that you can make a profit hassle-free. 

Some Things To Consider Before Renting

You will need to ensure you can get consent to lease before pursuing this option. Renting out a property can be a great source of income, making the most out of your inherited home.

If you choose this option, please ensure that you have the resources to finance the maintenance of the property while it remains vacant. This way, you won’t be blindsided by bills and property tax should you be unable to find a renter for one month.


You have plenty of options when it comes to deciding what to do with your inherited house, and there is no time limit for you to make a decision. However, it is wise to invest in unoccupied house insurance to protect you should there be any damage to the property while it is vacant. 

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