Is Your Orlando Neighborhood Attractive For Selling A Home?

Looking to sell your home in the Orlando area? You may be asking, what makes a community attractive to buyers? Query no more! We have a list of things that make a neighborhood desirable to buyers, so read on.

What Makes An Attractive Neighborhood?

It can be tricky to determine what makes a neighborhood desirable, mainly because buyers come from all walks of life. Are the newly married couple’s needs the same as the elderly couple’s, or the young single person’s? Everyone’s needs are different, from nightlife to Sunday walks in the park.

However, certain qualities will better your chances of selling your home, and we have compiled a list of them to make things easy. If you have these qualities, your Orlando neighborhood could be very attractive to buyers:

  1. Low Crime Rate

No matter who you are and what your dream neighborhood entails, you will want to feel safe where you live. This is why people are willing to pay much more for houses in gated communities with security.

If the crime rate is high in your neighborhood, you will be more at risk for break-ins and theft. So, to keep themselves and their possessions safe, people will opt for districts with a low crime rate. This will usually be a more pleasant area to live in.

  1. Parks and Nature

Whether you’re a dog lover who likes to go for long strolls with your pup, or someone who enjoys an occasional walk or jog, you are going to want to live somewhere with access to nature.

A beautiful park or hiking trail near your home will be very appealing to buyers, as most people like to escape the hustle and bustle of regular life to enjoy some fresh air in a scenic place.

  1. The Neighbors

If your neighbors like to leave old couches and piles of garbage on their front lawn, the likelihood is that this will turn off buyers. When your neighbors take pride in their home and keep their lawns tidy, this can enhance the appeal of your neighborhood. 

The type of neighborhood you live in can affect its appeal. If the place you live in is a retirement community with an age restriction or a busy urban area, this can narrow down the types of people that would want to live there.

  1. Entertainment

If there’s one thing people want to avoid when picking a neighborhood, it’s a neighborhood with nothing to do. Having nightclubs, cinemas, and excellent restaurants in your neighborhood can make it infinitely more appealing.

  1. Transport

If your home is close to a town center, it will make it easier for drivers to commute to work. It will also make it easier for people to walk or cycle to work or any other places they may need to visit.

If your home is further away from a town center and has great transport links, this can be equally advantageous. Neighborhoods that facilitate travel will attract a lot more interest from buyers.

  1. Affordability

If the houses in your neighborhood are expensive, this may make them less appealing to buyers. Affordability is one of the critical things that factor into people’s decision to buy a home. If the prices of the houses in your neighborhood are out of most people’s reach, this can dampen the appeal.

  1. Access To Emergency Services

If there is limited access to emergency services in your neighborhood, this can be offputting. In case of fire, medical, and criminal emergencies, you will want to know that your home is easily accessible by emergency services. 

If your home is close to a hospital, people who expect to need medical services often won’t be put off. This includes those with long-term illnesses or mothers who will require several pre and post-pregnancy visits to the hospital. Having emergency services nearby is always a plus.

  1. Family-friendly

If your neighborhood is family-friendly, this will draw buyers in. Having great schools and a wide variety of community-led programs and activities attracts both parents and children, giving them a chance to connect with other families and build strong ties with the community.


In The Local House Buyers team, we know that many factors can make your neighborhood more appealing to prospective buyers. It is essential to take stock of the best features of your neighborhood so that you can include them in the listing and use them to your advantage while trying to sell your home.

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