Homebuyer’s Priorities Are Changing Post-COVID Due to Remote Work

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been forever since COVID-19 shook the nation? The virus is still a huge public concern, but as more people receive the vaccine, we’re that much closer to normalcy. One part of that normalcy is buying a house. Yes, in today’s economy, people are taking advantage of the low interest rates for mortgages and are purchasing property!

For Sale By Owner: How To Do a Private Sale In Orlando

Have you been looking for a way to sell your home but can’t find a way that suits you? You might find it easier to sell your Orlando property privately instead and avoid any real estate agent commission fees. It’s okay to not know where to get started - we’re here to help you along the way.

5 Tips to Help Sell Your Orlando Home Fast

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to sell your Orlando home quickly - maybe you already found your next house and you’re desperate to move in, or maybe you just need the money to help with moving into a smaller home to cut down on costs. Either way, we’ve got 5 tips to help you sell your home in no time at all!

5 Ways to Avoid Foreclosure in Orlando

In Orlando FL, the foreclosure process begins when you start missing payments on your house. Your lender is likely to send you notices to inform you of your missing payments and start adding late fees if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, if you’re not able to make these payments, your lender will begin moving you to the pre-foreclosure phase, lasting 120 days. A foreclosure lawsuit cannot be filed until you’ve missed your mortgage payments for at least 120 days, so this is a great time to consult a foreclosure attorney regarding your options.

How to Determine the Value of Your Orlando Home

When selling your Orlando home, it’s important to determine the value of the property to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Often if you hire a real estate agent they’ll likely be the ones to value the property for you, but if you’re selling For Sale By Owner (FSBO) then you’ll need to be aware of the market value for your home in Orlando before listing it. Thankfully, we’ve got the three main approaches that appraisers use to evaluate housing in Orlando, and more factors to consider when determining the value of your property!

5 Reasons Your Orlando Home Is Taking Too Long to Sell

There are a lot of reasons why your Orlando home is taking so long to sell compared to others, even if they’re similar in many ways. There are obvious reasons, such as location or size, but there can be multiple reasons why your Orlando home isn’t selling as fast as others. To help out, we’ve got 5 reasons that your Orlando home is taking too long to sell, to give you advice and get you on the right track.

How to Sell a House With Tenants In Orlando

If you’re looking for some extra revenue after renting out a home for a while, you might be thinking of selling the rented house and wondering what you can get for it. There are a few loopholes to jump through, but with these tips, both you and your tenant will be happy with the outcome!

5 Reasons a Fast Home Sale In Orlando Will Benefit You

While there are plenty of ways to sell your Orlando home, some methods can take a lot longer and lead down the road of multiple expenses and fees. Selling directly is the best way to sell your home as quickly as possible, and avoid any hassle that can come with selling on the retail or real estate market.

How to Sell a Probate Property In Orlando

It’s always upsetting when you lose a loved one, and if you’ve been left with assets that you don’t understand, such as probate property, you may end up wondering how to handle it. Dealing with a house that is tied up in probate can be a long and frustrating process but we’re here to help you through it. Whether you’ve never gone through this process before or you need a quick refresher to help you through it, We can guide you through this and lead you to a conclusion you’ll be pleased with.